BBC1 10.35pm.

Logline: 15 year-old Laura has run away from home over 150 times. What is she running from, and whom is she running to?


An estimated 100,000 children run away from home every year, often from family conflict. Many are drawn into a world of drug and alcohol abuse, where they are vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

In one three month period Laura was reported missing 58 times. Director Julia Stovell follows Laura over five months, just days after she is taken into a children’s home on an emergency placement. In a desperate attempt to keep her safe, the staff at the home, try to work out what she is running from and whom she may be running to.


Producer Director: Julia Stovell

Executive Producer for Century Films: Katie Bailiff

Photography: Martin Lightening

Sound: Dave Bimson

Composer: Andy Cowton

Film Editor: James Gold

Production Company: Century Films.


A powerfully concrete example of the kind of problems we only tend to hear about in the abstract...a sharp, unsensational and even sympathetic account of Laura's plight.
James Walton
The Telegraph
An intimate and emotional documentary.
The Daily Mail