STATUS: In production.

Logline: A naive filmmaker discovers a once notorious hell-raiser living quietly in England.

Tagline: Who is the man behind a thousand voices?


In 1964 The Beatles introduced the world to PJ Proby, the Texan singer, who went on to have 20 top hits and looked like he would become the 1960s biggest and baddest international recording star. But tragedy struck and overnight his world was turned upside down.

50 years later I found him living in the middle of England. After decades of alcoholism, most people believed he was long dead. From Hollywood to London and LA he’d had one hell of a ride, making demos for Elvis, touring with the Bee Gees, recording with Led Zeppelin and was asked by The Doors to replace Jim Morrison. With no idea what to expect, except the hell-raiser legend that preceded him, I embarked on a journey lasting nine years to discover who the real James Marcus Smith was and what had driven him to near self destruction?

Hounded by the press, through broken marriages, numerous comebacks and even cardiac arrests his spirit nevertheless remains unbent “Hell! I’m the luckiest son of a bitch to have lived!”  A tale of ambition, self-destruction and betrayal told by an irrepressible spirit who has made his life his greatest work of art.


Director: Julia Stovell

Executive Producer: James Gay-Rees

D.O.P Oliver Potterton