Status: In development

Logline: In the Highlands of Scotland is a horse ranch set up by a Royal Marine where soldiers come to heal from trauma. Many who come here have contemplated suicide. For some, this may be their last chance. But as they work with ex-racehorses something magical happens…

A story of loss, of hope and of healing.

Tagline: Only the dead have seen the end of war

Production Company: COCONUT MONK FILMS


Deep in the Scottish Highlands nestles a horse ranch run by a Scottish cowboy. Jock, a former Royal Marine, has embraced the North American style of horsemanship and created an oasis where military veterans and racehorses can go to heal from physical and mental injury.

No one quite understands what the magic is, but somehow these powerful animals possess a wisdom that helps military veterans face their fears and find peace once more.

As the veterans begin their journey with the racehorses over the course of a year, Jock continues on his mission to save as many racehorses from slaughter, retraining them so that they too have a newfound purpose in life.

With multiple broken bones and injuries from years of horse training, Jock knows he will not be able to keep going forever, but as long as he is able, he is determined to save as many lives as he possibly can.