STATUS: In development

Narrative feature. Recipient of BFI NETWORK Early Development Award 2021

Logline: Estranged from his family, a traumatised soldier bonds with a mistreated horse and begins to heal the wounds from his past.


After struggling to cope with real life after serving in Afghanistan, Jamie retreats to a farm on The Isle of Skye. It’s about as far away from humanity as he can get, but the horror of the war in Afghanistan plagues him nightly. After a disastrous visit with his family Jamie spirals back down the rabbit hole of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and attempts suicide.  In the aftermath, he is forced to confront his long-buried fears. Finding the courage to step in the ring with the traumatized horse, they both take their first steps towards self-acceptance and healing.

Deadeye was part of the 2020 BFI Shorts Development Programme.  Inspired by veteran’s stories told to Julia during the development of the documentary WAR TORN. Julia has a personal connection with veteran’s stories after four generations of her family served in the military from World War 1 to recent conflicts.


Executive Producer: Christopher Eccleston
Writer Director : Julia Stovell