Fine Art

Fine Art Biography

Julia studied at Chelsea School of Art, London where she obtained a BA & MA in Fine Art Painting. She was awarded The Boise Fine Art Scholarship to Australia from The Slade School of Art & The White Dove Press Award to Italy. She took up a residency at The Florence Trust in London where she produced a new body of work for exhibition.

Her work has been exhibited across London including The Mall Galleries, The Wellcome Foundation & The Addison Wesley Longman building.

Artists Statement

Julia Stovell’s work features large-scale immersive paintings, combining elements of text and image. Often inspired by newspaper headlines & imagery that riff on story and take an imaginative leap behind the headline.

Julia’s style is both painterly and humorous from Anne Frank’s musings on Hollywood at he height of Nazism to William Burroughs ‘cut up’ rants on viruses.